Audible in NC

I started Amazon Audible a while ago. My experience so far has been pretty positive. For for certain books, it works really well. These are mainly non-fiction but non-technical books, for which I can just pay attention intermittently. As as a result, I have restarted to ‘read’ History. I listened to the Oxford history of the United States (II, III)this summer, and Lindert Williamson’s great book on the economic history of the US.

I have been consistently unable to purchase certain books. For example, The Curse of Cash, or Eric Foner’s Reconstruction show up as not available in my area. This sounded weird to me, since I am a registered Amazon for the United States, but I talked this morning to their customer service and this seems to be the case indeed. I was told that certain books seem to have restrictions within the United States.

I couldn’t help but speculate* about the reasons why people in North Carolina are prevented from buying these books. Perhaps it is some form of boycott for the toilet bill.

*Note: I tend to think that the person on customer service just told me this because she did not know how to fix it.

Audible in NC

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